Our Goal Reached:

Thanks to community support,
your donations took us over the top.
Thank you so much.

CLU* Community Performance Stage
at Shelton Park

Sincere thanks to everyone who made this dream come true!

Photo Shelton Park Stage at night Jan 9 2016

Photo Shelton Park at night Jan 9 2016

Dedication Party on Saturday, January 9, 2016

Photo Dedication Party at Shelton Park Stage Jan 9 2016

...and so it began! April-October 2015

April 23 2015 - Tree removal begins
  • April 23 2015 - Tree removal begins
  • April 28 2015 - Tree work underway and fence has been installed
  • April 28 2015 - Fencing installed (as seen along Harvard Ave.)
  • May 4 2015 - Tree removal continues
  • May 5 2015 - View from corner of Bonita and Harvard Avenues
  • May 5 2015 - Work continues
  • May 5 2015 - Area where root removal has taken place
  • May 11 2015 - Letting area dry out from rains!!
  • May 13 2015
  • May 13 2015
  • May 22 2015 - Stage beginning to take shape!
  • May 26 2015 - Stage-ing continues to take shape
  • June 3 2015 - Wow! It's a stage!
  • June 3 2015
  • June 5 2015 - Looking more and more like a stage
  • June 8 2015
  • June 17 2015
  • June 17 2015
  • June 22 2015
  • June 22 2015
  • June 22 2015
  • June 22 2015
  • July 6 2015
  • July 19 2015
  • July 22 2015 - How wonderful that the steps are now outlined
  • Sept 24 2015
  • Sept 30 2015
  • Sept 30 2015
  • October 9 2015 - Crane arrived and plans finalized to relocate John Fischer sculpture
  • October 9 2015 - Crew from Anglemyer Crane Rental carefully moved the John Fischer sculpture
  • October 9 2015 - John Fischer sculpture successfully relocated to a northern site in park. Mission accomplished.


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Spotlight on the Making of a Stage

Shelton Park Performance Stage has a new name -- CLU Community Performance Stage.
On October 28, 2014 the Claremont City Council unanimously accepted a generous donation from
Claremont Lincoln University, Claremont’s newest University. View website: www.claremontlincoln.org.
Their generous donation added to the major donations from Pomona College and Claremont Community Foundation together with the Claremont community your donations have put us over the top of our goal.
Together, the city of Claremont has come together to build this exciting new venue at Shelton Park.

Photos show scale model of proposed stage

Photos (below) from Ground Breaking Party held on Sunday, November 23, 2014


Please click here for more GROUNDBREAKING PARTY photos

Shelton Park is located at the northeast corner of Bonita and Harvard Avenues
in the heart of the Claremont Village, adjacent to The Claremont Colleges. View map.

This pocket park, which has an old world ambience, is home to many well-planned and impromptu events.
It is also home to one of the city's premiere pieces of public art,
Simple Gifts, a sculpture created by former Claremonter, John Fisher, in 2000-2001.

Our proposal was to add a performance stage which will make Shelton Park even more of an asset
to the community and provide a venue for exciting events in the Village.

Local architect, Paul Wheeler, Wheeler and Wheeler AIA Architects, Inc.,
is lead architect and coordinating the project.
The following are key members of his team:
Ana Aguilar, project manager, Wheeler and Wheeler
Gary Andreasen , Andreasen Engineering
Roger Shervington Geotechnical Engineer
Chi Tang, Structural Engineer
James Taylor, Theatre Professor, Pomona College Lighting and Sound design
James Drummond, Electrical Engineer
Rod Tapp, Landscape Architect (original concepts)
Architerra Design Group (current landscape architects)

On Sunday, April 6, 2014, we held a fundraising PARTY! at Walter's Restaurant.
Read more about this fun, entertainment-filled evening. Click here for details...

*Claremont Lincoln University

Photo taken before stage was built, scupllture was moved and new landscaping transformed the park