Our Goal Reached:

Thanks to community support,
your donations took us over the top.
Thank you so much.

June 18, 2015


Donors and Supporters of
CLU* Community Performance Stage

at Shelton Park


This brick was placed on the rise of the stage.
DONORS whose brick was purchased in Autumn 2015:
Anglemyer Crane Rental, John and René Anglemyer

The following bricks were placed on the ground level
in front of the stage.
DONORS whose bricks were purchased in Autumn 2015:
Bellemin Family - George & Julia
Jeanne Bellemin
Nancy Brower / Paul Brower
CHS Class of 1965
Catherine Caporale
Ed & ZoeAnn Cerny - Claremont 1962
Lyman Chin 2012
The Cox Family - Joe & Jeanette
Diana, Barbara, Janet, Jacque, Barbara - the girls
The Dogs est. 1997
Susan Dowler & Jim Burke
The Edwards Family
England Family
The Fab 8
Gretchen Fagg & David Ackers
John & Janet Finley
The Fukagawa Family
Garcia Family –
Garrett, Katelyn / Christina & Ryan
The Gottuso Family
In honor of Carroll Hassell from her family
The John Ilsley Family
Kendall Johnson /
Susie Ilsley
Dave & Connie Krause
The Leathers Family
Richard & Nancy MacNaughton

Dr. John and Lillian (Billie) Maguire
Scott Miller & Kevin Burdett
Sherry Miranda 2014
Judy & Don Moyer
Dick & Elaine Newton

The Hayler Ohana - Love God & others
The Pedroza Family
Curt Phillips – Acts 2:44-47
The Pietersma Family
Bob and Frani Pilon
Sean and David Pilon
Tony Ramos, City Manager January 2016
The Ravelers
The Rensch Family
The Richter Family
Michael Samson
In Memory of Uncle Agee Shelton
Stella Stockham
Jerry & Nancy Torres
The Tupman Family
Nancy Vandermeer & the North Family
In Memory of Tina Vertal
Ping and Henry Wong
Anne and Norman Yao

Linda and Peter Yao

These bricks were placed on the rise of the stage.
Bardot Restaurant
Joan Bunte
The Burgis Family - Laura, Rick, Elizabeth & Riley
City of Claremont
Claremont Chamber of Commerce
Claremont Chamber Village Marketing Group
Claremont Community Foundation
Claremont Kiwanis
Claremont Lincoln University
Claremont McKenna College
Claremont Noon Rotary
Claremont Sunrise Rotary
College Escrow
Laura Dandoy - Real Estate Broker
Tim and Lauri Harrison
Bridget Healy
Hendricks Pharmacy
The John Holliday Family, Holliday Rock
Ann Joslin and Bob Tener
M. C. Alyea Construction
Diana Miller and Catherine Curtis
Lori and Gary Paley
Pomona College

Terri and Ray Riojas
Scripps College
Sonja Stump and Bob Fagg
Technip Stone and Webster Process Technology
Walters Restaurant
Paul Wheeler, Wheeler and Wheeler AIA Architects, Inc.
Tamara Zipser

The following bricks were placed on the ground
in front of the stage.


Steve and Maureen Aldridge
Luis and Eileen Aranda
Mark and Barbara Ashworth for Stella, Rayne and Charlotte
Dennis and Janet Bauman
Bert & Rocky's Cream Company
The  Barry Family - Matt, Tracy, Cody and Ginger
Bo and Laura Bollinger and Family
The Browns - Jim, Debbie and Lydia
The Bunker Family
Jim Bunte
Bylle Snyder and Sheryl Matlock
Corey Calaycay, Mayor 2009-2010 and 2015-2016
CHS Interact Club 2014-15
Cheese Cave
Mary and Peter Chiao
The Suzanne H. Christian Family
Cocoa Bakery
Charles and Jean Coggin
Claremont Courier
Claremont Lodge
Claremont Photo and Video
The Colors 91711 Team
The Concannons - Est. 2/4/2012
The Corbins - I Like Pie Bake Shop
The Coulas Family
Curtain Raisers of The Claremont Colleges
Curtis Real Estate - Carol E. Curtis
The Dandoy Family - Mark, Laura, John & Mackenzie
Clyde Derrick
The Desai Family
The Diamond Center
In loving memory – Gordon T. Curtis
Charles and Ann Doskow
Ronald G. Dotson
The Dvorak Family, Erik, Angie, Max and Charlie
Richard and Linda Elderkin
Espiau's Restaurant
Dr. Don Etkes - Enjoy Life!!!
Gretchen A. Fagg
Rachel E. Fagg
Fair Trade Claremont - Linda and Joseph Michon
The Falotico Family
Familia Ramirez
John Faranda
The Ferry Family
Familia Flores
Forever Love - Rick & Elizabeth
Beth Bunte Garvin
Gus and Carol Gil
The Gonzales Family
Gould Asset Management LLC
The Grannis Family
Bernice Greenstein
Anthony Grynchal
Geoff Hamill, Real Estate Broker
Mark and Sandra Hayden
The Hagelbarger Family
Paul and Kay Held
Paul Held, Mayor 2001 – 2004
Abby Robbins-Garner - Hendricks Pharmacy
Dr. Brian Garner - Hendricks Pharmacy
Candace Mason-Garner - Hendricks Pharmacy
Cassandra Garner - Hendricks Pharmacy
Christopher Garner - Hendricks Pharmacy
Sarah Garner - Hendricks Pharmacy
Jim and Sharon Hightower
In loving memory – Barbara S. Hinshaw
In Memory of Margaret Hinshaw
Duane and Lee Jackman
Bruce & Susan Hines & Jack
Lisa Hirschfelder
Jon and Jenn Hooten
Hotel Casa 425
Jenn (Hull) Abshire / CHS 1998
Matthew J Hull / CHS 1998
Rebecca G Hull / CHS 2004
Venessa, Ethan & Caden Hunt
Brent and Sherry Hunter
The Hurley Boys
Inland Valley Repertory Theatre, Inc.
Jacqueline's Home Decor
Jess and Ann Johannsen
The Jones Gang - GSUMJ
9 Keenan's / Mich - 1953
Sue Klein - Stephen Klein
The Kuenning Family
Kim and Denise
Steven and Louise Koch
The Last Drop Café
Algird Leiga, Mayor 1994 - 1997
Joseph M. Lyons, Mayor 2014-2015
Gail & Howard Maculsay
David and Viki Marshburn
Allison Martin - Woodward Corner
The Ali and Eric Martinez Family
The Matute Family
In loving memory – Craig A. Miller
Frank and Donna Minano
Glenn Miya and Steven Llanusa
Pamela Mellott
Mom, Dad, Archer, Coyle & Peregrine
Laura Mulroy and Sean Gallagher
Opanyi Nasiali, Mayor 2013-2014, and Kathryn Nasiali
Ophelia's Jump
Marcia and Holger Paetau
With Gratitude to Don Pattison
Don, Susan, Chelsea & Brandon Pearson
Permeco Stone and Engraving
Jim and Claudia Pinter-Lucke
The Platts Family
Play On! Lisa and Louise
Joan Presecan
Nicholas Presecan, Mayor 1989 - 1992
Randy and Rhonda Prout
Cheryl Pump
RKA Consulting Group
John Regan
RE/MAX Resources
Rhino Records
Robert and Diann Ring
Rio de Ojas
Karen M. Rosenthal, Mayor 1999-2001
Michael and Karen Rosenthal
The Rosett Family
Paul Ruggero
Linda and Rick Sarancha
Anne Seltzer
The Shapton Rugeley Family
Thomas and Barbara Shelley
The Snyder Family
Brian and Georgeann Spivack
Patrice Bunte Stanley
Marion and Jess Swick
Ellen Taylor, Mayor 2008-2009
Marshall and Ellen Taylor
Tintura Salon
The Bath Workshop
Karen Hanna-Towne and Raymond L. Towne
The Tulak Family
Village Postmark
The Wagpacker Family
Scott Walker - Dad / Adam Walker - Son
Ben and Kofen Wang
David and Ahlene Welsh
Larry Wetherbee and Areta Herr
Paul and Maureen Wheeler
The Roger Wheeler Family
Reuben Wootton - Wootton Architecture
George, Lynne & Angelina Wu

Peter Yao, Mayor 2006 - 2008

Interfaith Sustainability
Juan and Lynne Matute
Rembrandt Club

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When a donor gave $1000 or above they had a brick with their name engraved on it
on the rise between the steps up to the stage.
When a donor gave less than $1000 and more than $100 their name will be engraved on a brick
that was placed on the floor/ground of the park leading up to the steps of the stage.

*Claremont Lincoln University